Hello everyone and welcome to Jaja Bakes. My friends call me Jaja. I created this website where I write, cook, and take pictures at my home in Jakarta, Indonesia. Food is one of my biggest joy in life and the reason I started cooking. I am always curious to try new things and dream to discover the various food around the world in my little kitchen.

I learnt cooking and baking from my mom by watching beside her. My first experience of baking ended up to be burnt chocolate cookies because I idiotically forgot I was baking at that moment. At that moment, I hilariously almost got a kitchen ban from my family. However, I must say I am getting much better through my failures and mistakes along the way. This is my way of sharing all those hard earned lessons with you all.

If you follow my blog, you will realize that I seldom make chocolate-based food. Other than that one time disaster of making burnt chocolate cookies, I literally overdosed with chocolate cakes when I was little. My mom made her favorite chocolate brownies from time to time, which made me sick from eating too much chocolate. So, do not hope for too much chocolate-rich dessert recipes in this blog.

Growing up, I started to learn the importance of making a wide variety food for my health. I try to cook things that are practical, interesting, and most importantly delicious. One of the reason I started food blogging is to share my love of cooking and baking. Most of my friends don’t cook and tend to eat outside because they don’t know where to learn cooking. Therefore, I want to motivate everyone to start cooking, knowing your food ingredients, and enjoying the process of cooking through Jaja Bakes. Please don’t hesitate to give me any comment or feedback you may have.


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